Katie Hopkins collapses after being prescribed ketamine in South Africa

Hopkins says she was given the drug by medics after she dislocated her shoulder

Katie Hopkins collapses after being prescribed ketamine in South Africa

Katie Hopkins outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London | Image: Philip Toscano PA Wire/PA Images

Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins has been treated by emergency services after taking ketamine and appearing to collapse in South Africa.

The TV personality posted a graphic photo that showed her lying face down on the pavement while receiving treatment.

She wrote: "Grateful thanks to the South African emergency services for putting me back together. Leaving it all on the road, to tell the truths not being told. *ketamine 1 / Hopkins 0)."

The former Apprentice contestant later explained her use of the painkilling drug, writing: "I receive medical ketamine for a serious dislocation."

Hopkins suffers from epilepsy, which has left her with weakened shoulders. 

She is in South Africa filming a documentary, reporting on what she calls "the systemic slaughter of white farmers in South Africa."

The 42-year-old has been producing short videos and articles for her website, Hopkinsworld, and Canadian far-right website The Rebel Media.

Hopkins later shared images of media requests for further information about her use of ketamine, criticising journalists for not showing an interest in the reports she is producing on her trip.

She is attempting to crowdfund $30,000 towards the cost of the expedition.

Last year was a difficult one for Hopkins, who lost an expensive libel case against food blogger Jack Monroe, was dropped from her role as a MailOnline columnist and had her LBC radio show taken off air.