New species of tarantula is named after singer Johnny Cash

'Aphonopelma johnnycashi' was discovered in California near a jail

Johnny Cash, spider, tarantula, California, Folsom Prison Blues, US, Chris Hamilton

A 1977 file photo of musician Johnny Cash | Image: AP/Press Association Images

A new species of tarantula has been named after the country music legend Johnny Cash in California.

Scientists say the 'Aphonopelma johnnycashi' was discovered near a jail - made famous in his song 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

The spider measures up to six inches across.

The spider's appearance also brings the singer to mind, due to his preference for dark clothes.

Some 14 new tarantula species have been found in the US after a decade-long search.

While none of the species are considered dangerous, their bites can be venomous and painful.

Professor Chris Hamilton is a biologist at the Florida Museum of Natural History. He says the name is rather fitting.