Jury is sworn in for Paul Murphy Jobstown trial

He and his six co-accused have pleaded not guilty

Jury is sworn in for Paul Murphy Jobstown trial

Paul Murphy at the Hilton Hotel in Dublin | Image: Rollingnews.ie

A jury has been sworn in to hear the trial of Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and six others, who are accused of falsely imprisoning the former Tánaiste Joan Burton.

They are also accused of falsely imprisoning her adviser Karen O’Connell during a water charge protest in Jobstown in Dublin three years ago.

It was standing room only in Courtroom 7 at the Criminal Courts of Justice when Deputy Paul Murphy was asked to stand before Judge Melanie Greally.

He was the first to plead not guilty to the charges of false imprisonment. His six co-accused each did the same afterwards.

They are all accused of falsely imprisoning Ms Burton and her adviser Ms O’Connell by restricting their personal liberty without their consent at Jobstown in Dublin on November 15th 2014.

Judge Melanie Greally warned potential jurors they should not serve if they had any “substantial knowledge over and above what’s in the public domain” about the events of that day.

She also said she would excuse anyone who shared the political views of the defendants and anyone who felt they could not be impartial.

A jury of seven men and five women was eventually sworn in to hear what is expected to be a six-week trial.