"Jesus was born in September... apparently" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a Christmassy look at the morning papers...

Tonight is the busiest night of the year for publicans as we reach peak Christmas work party.

Breakfast's reporter spoke to people on the streets of Dublin who don't like the season.

Stress, emotional detachment, poverty and getting cold were named as the most difficult aspects about Christmas.

Presenter Ivan Yates also had a nugget of wisdom - Jesus was born in September, apparently.

On the front pages of this morning's newspapers: 

The Irish Times: "Call for land tax to force developers to free up vacant sites."

Next to that, a shocking front page picture - daffodils, in bloom, in December!

That paper's second story: "Ireland unlikely to be part of EU border agency", but otherwise it is Thomas Slab Murphy's conviction for tax evasion that is making headlines.

Irish Independent: "Gerry Adams crony guilty of tax dodging".

The Irish Examiner ..."ESRI: Housing crisis will continue for years - 25,000 houses will have to be built every years, says think tank."

Irish Daily Star: "Man choked to death on a piece of steak at dinner" - the Manager at TGI Friday's in Templebar tried to save the diner, but a 7cm piece of steak killed him. An inquest into his death was held yesterday.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Fury as Omagh bomber is freed for Christmas". Michael McKevitt is suffering from cancer.

The Herald runs with: "TDs €15,000 for IRA suspect bail - three TDs offered to stand a bail cost of €5,000 each for a Dublin man accused of IRA membership and possessing a bomb part." - Maureen O'Sullivan, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace the three representatives in question there.

The Irish Sun: "Cowell raid suspect".

The Irish Daily Mail: "Saint and sinner - Priest finds drug-addict burglar in his wardrobe, and then gives him a lift to town". The man returned the €20 he had stolen.

Inside the papers: 

The Limerick Leader has an exclusive interview with Finance Minister Michael Noonan.

In it he discusses what he thinks about former colleague Ivan Yates - Noonan said he was a person who does not know the new fiscal rules, someone who "doesn't bother to study" and "didn't check the comments".

He was responding to a comment from Yates, who wrote of Noonan: "Nothing stands between politicians and their goal of securing power. Not one leader has shown the vision to override their political DNA and resist buying votes".

Michael Noonan is pictured holding a Christmas bauble next to that article.

In The Daily Star: "Drinking beer makes lads better in bed" - Dr Kat Van Kirk maintains the iron in alcohol helps blood cells make haemoglobin which has a strong 'effect' on blokes..

The Examiner notes the Taoiseach will travel to The Golan Heights tomorrow to wish troops who will be spending their Christmas abroad the best.

The Irish Times: "Mildest December on record". 

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