Jeremy Corbyn will invite rebel MPs to 'work with us' if re-elected as UK Labour leader

Mr Corbyn is facing a challenge from Owen Smith in an ongoing leadership contest

Jeremy Corbyn will invite rebel MPs to 'work with us' if re-elected as UK Labour leader

Image: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The British Labour leader has indicated that he will offer MPs who have rebelled against him the chance to rejoin his top team - if he keeps his job.

Jeremy Corbyn has told The Guardian anyone who quit the opposition frontbench will be welcomed back if they support "the general direction of the economy and policy".

"A lot of people say lots of things in the heat of the moment," he explained. "But of course I’ve made mistakes, and of course we need to do better. We certainly can’t carry on as we did.

"I’ll invite them to work with us. Whether they’re going to love me at the end of it? I think the love may be further away," he added.

He acknowledged that "all kinds of people manage to work together" in the party, amid concerns over an ideological split between its MP.

Members of the party are being balloted on whether or not they want Mr Corbyn to remain as leader, only a year after he was elected. 

People will find out in a week whether Owen Smith's challenge has been successful - although opinion polls have shown it is very likely Mr Corbyn will continue as leader.

In June's no confidence motion, 172 Labour MPs voted against their leader - compared to only 40 supporting him.

However, he retains significant grassroots support from party members.

Mr Corbyn was forced to carry out a major shadow cabinet reshuffle earlier this year following a series of resignations.