James Reilly refuses to rule out FG government with Michael Lowry

The children's minister says he is 'not interested in conjecture'

James Reilly, Michael Lowry, Fine Gael, GE16, coalition, government

Children's Minister James Reilly at the 2015 National Youth Council of Ireland annual conference | Image: RollingNews.ie

The Children's Minister James Reilly has refused to rule out a Fine Gael government propped up by Independent TD Michael Lowry, following the next election.

Mr Reilly says Fine Gael has made it clear that what they do want is re-enter government with Labour.

However on the issue of Fine Gael agreeing a post-election deal with Mr Lowry, Mr Reilly was playing his cards close to his chest.

Yesterday, Mr Lowry told Newstalk Lunchtime he has not had any discussions about the upcoming election with any party.

"My position is very clear...I've had no discussions, no chats, no nothing with any political party about the outcome of the election".

"If I do get re-elected, then I'll evaluate and assess the situation and make a decision on who I would support".

"I've refused to have any discussions with anybody", he added.

Several government ministers have also said they would not  depend on Mr Lowry to prop up a government.