It's chain stitch instead of chain gang, as Dundee court orders woman to knit for her crimes

Accused of road rage, the woman claimed she was following her victim while on her way to a wool shop

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Road rage is a problem driving the entire world around the bend. But now one Scottish sheriff has come up with an unusual solution to solving the fury-fuelled crime, and it involves picking up a pair of needles and knitting for charity.

Dundee resident Amanda McCabe was recently up in court, charged with the alleged assault of another motorist. When McCabe was driving from a slip road onto a main one, driver Clare Smith shouted at McCabe for her poor driving skills. McCabe’s response was to tail Smith’s car for several miles. When a wrong turn forced Smith into a carpark, McCabe pulled her out of her car and punched her in the face.

McCabe centred her defence around a coincidence, claiming that the reason why the was following Smith was that she was making her way to a speciality wool shop that was on the same route as the one Smith was taking.

McCabe used her time in court to make big claims about her purl prowess, saying that she could easily complete an entire woollen jumper in two or three days, costing no more than £7 (€8.40).

Despite McCabe already having a criminal record, Sheriff John Rafferty decided to cast off a prison sentence, instead challenging McCabe to hand knit several pieces of clothing for a local charity shop.

“You went in the same direction as your victim, at the very least, and then went to her car door and assaulted her,” Rafferty told McCabe in the Dundee court. “You will bring to court several items that you have knitted that you are prepared to donate to a charity shop. It will not be a meagre amount.

“You have committed serious offences, but you have a chance to do something useful with your time. Take this chance,” the sheriff said.

Having pled guilty to the assault, McCabe will now have until to December before she faces sentencing. Her good behaviour and knitting skills in the meantime will reflect what punishment she receives.

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