It turns out you can make money from quitting your job to play Pokemon Go

Tom Currie from New Zealand handed in his notice last week so he could focus on becoming a full-time Pokemon trainer

It turns out you can make money from quitting your job to play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go | Image: Alan Diaz / AP/Press Association Images

A 24-year-old man from New Zealand made headlines over the weekend as he announced he had quit his job to play Pokemon Go full-time.

For most of us, it would spell the end of our careers, but for Tom Currie his decision is already proving to be quite lucrative.

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Currie said: "I've had two job offers from the States and I'm in talks about accepting one of them."

"It's a company in America that's just started up and they do game coaching," he explained.

"People want to know how to play games that are popular at the moment, so they hire out coaches."

He also said he has been approached by four documentary producers with offers to do full and short movies about his quest and is in talks with one of them.

Currie handed in his notice in work the day after Pokemon Go came out in Australia.

"I was on holidays for two weeks, and I got a bit into the holiday mode and decided to take a risk."

"I started my adventure not at all expecting any of this. I was just wanting to have a quiet holiday in winter time in New Zealand and catch Pokemon."

Tom Currie | Via: Twitter

While not all parents would approve of his decision, Tom Currie said his family absolutely love the story.

"They're having a great time watching me on the news. My mum got quoted in the Guardian so that was quite special that day."

"She's really supportive of me, she trusts me completely and knows I'm the kind of kid who always goes out and does what he wants and stays safe, so she's loving the adventure."

So far he has caught 104 out of the 151 Pokemon.

"It's the highest I've come across from meeting other trainers in real-life, so I'm definitely a bit ahead."

He added that he was 'heart broken' to find out that he can't 'catch 'em all' in New Zealand and may have to travel further abroad to complete the set.

"There might be country specific Pokemon, so you would only able to catch them in those countries," he said.

"I've heard that Mr. Mime can only be caught in Europe and Tauros in North America, so that's going to definitely put the breaks on this journey."

Pokemon Go was released last week and arrived in Irish app stores on Saturday morning.

Despite a couple of server issues, its popularity is growing rapidly with Nintendo doubling its value to $42 billion since the release.