Irish people still love the EU

We're the most optimistic about the future of the Union...

Irish people still love the EU

Virginia Mayo AP / Press Association Images

Optimism about the future of the EU is highest in Ireland - with 77% feeling optimistic about the Union.

This is way above the EU average of a lukewarm 50% - Greeks feel the worst about the European Project with only 30% feeling positive about the EU.

69% of Irish people feel that things are improving in Ireland as the economy continues to recover, again this is a lot higher than the EU average of only 29% of people feeling good about their domestic situations.

Only 23% of respondents felt that in general things are going in the right direction in the EU.

Irish respondents were also the most likely to have a positive image of the EU at 55% - well above an EU average of 38%.

The latest Standard Eurobarometer poll found the immigration is the biggest concern for EU citizens,

The top three EU concerns for Irish respondents are immigration (41%), terrorism (33%) and the state of public finances (21%).

However, 81% of Irish respondents feel positive about immigration into Ireland - that's one of the top rates in the EU.

In the EU overall, people also see immigration (45%) as the most important concern at European level, reaching its highest scores in Estonia (70%), Hungary (65%) and Malta (65%).

More Irish people see Housing (42%) as their top national issue than people in almost every other EU country, with only Luxembourg coming ahead.

Health and social security come next for Irish respondents (29%) with unemployment after that (24%).