Irish flights to London cancelled due to heavy fog

A number of flights were cancelled this afternoon

Irish flights to London cancelled due to heavy fog

Aer Lingus and Ryanair aircraft at Dublin Airport | Image:

Irish passengers flying to airports in the south of England from Ireland have had their plans disrupted.

A number of flights have been cancelled due to freezing fog which descended over London.

Flights operated by Aer Lingus, British Airways, CityJet and Flybe into London City Airport and Heathrow as well as into Southampton were all cancelled on Friday afternoon.

The original yellow fog warning for England and Wales said "Patches of fog are expected to form overnight and while not all areas will see them, where fog patches do form, visibility could be less than 100 metres."

Care and assistance means the airline must provide passengers with meals and refreshments and if necessary it would also have to cover the cost of hotel accommodation and transport between the hotel and the airport.

The forecast showed much of southern England blanketed by fog. At London City airport, visibility on the airfield dipped as low as 50 metres (164ft), a spokesman said.  "We have had several delays and cancellations, and some arrivals diverted as well,” he said.