Irish Water Safety issue warning over Christmas swims

The message comes as strong winds are forecast on coastal waters

Irish Water Safety issue warning over Christmas swims

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Irish Water Safety (IWS) has appealed to anyone planning a swim over the coming days to take the utmost caution and to swim only when with a group. 

The Chairman of IWS Martin O'Sullivan said he wanted to make sure that everyone comes back safely and didn’t want to ruin anyone’s fun over Christmas.

In a recent statement he said "I wish to take this opportunity to extend you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and if you are a member of Irish Water Safety, I thank each and every one of you for being the lifesaving link for so many people's safe enjoyment of our wonderful waterways."

He said people shouldn’t go out swimming by themselves and groups organising swims should try to have a lifeguard present if possible.

A gale warning is in force on all Irish coastal waters today and for Christmas Day, heavy swells and large waves are expected specifically on the west coast.

Meanwhile, Irish ferries had to cancel its Dublin Swift ferry service to and from Holyhead due to the adverse weather conditions.