Irish Rail talks to get underway at Labour Court

The talks come ahead of three scheduled work stoppages over the coming weeks

Irish Rail talks to get underway at Labour Court

Photo: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.

Talks to end the Irish Rail strike will get underway at the Labour Court this morning.

Unions and management have been invited to try to end the pay dispute.


Discussions are due to get underway at 11.30am, and come ahead of three further work stoppages planned for November 14th & 23rd and December 8th.

Irish Rail have said they hope negotiations will lead to a calling off of three further planned strike days.

Unions, however, say they are not optimistic today will provide a breakthrough.

Dermot O'Leary of the NBRU has claimed that "intransigence displayed by Irish Rail management" will make make a resolution "more difficult".

Workers at Irish Rail want a pay rise of 3.75% a year for the next three years, but management say that is not sustainable.

They have offered a 1.75% rise this year and negotiations on any further increases.

The unions want a 'no strings attached' deal, arguing they have not had a pay rise in almost 10 years.

But management want productivity and roster changes in exchange for the increase.

The talks will get underway this morning, with the sides seemingly still quite far apart