Irish Coast Guard rescues injured Russian fisherman

The Irish Naval Service and Coast Guard combined to airlift the man to safety amid heavy winds and rough seas

The Irish coast Guard and Naval Service has rescued an injured Russian fisherman approximately 370 kilometres out to sea.

The LÉ Róisín naval ship was on a maritime security and defence patrol off the west coast of Ireland when it received a distress signal regarding an injured crew member on a Russian fishing vessel.

The 34-year-old man was suffering with suspected fractures of the thigh and shoulder as well as head injuries and shock. 

The Russian ship had requested any vessel in vicinity with medical facilities onboard to give assistance. 

Image: Irish Coast Guard

The Rescue Coordination Centre Valentia and Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 115 responded in partnership with the LÉ Róisín.

Communication support and back up, known as 'Top Cover' was provided by a second Coast Guard helicopter, the Waterford based R117.

The Irish naval medical and deck team boarded the fishing vessel and assisted in providing medical care and managing the transfer of the injured man on to the Coast Guard helicopter.

The Coast Guard said weather conditions in the area for helicopter operations were difficult, bordering on marginal for such operations with a strong West South West swell and winds gusting in excess of 35mph.

Image: Irish Cost Guard

The Russian sailor was transferred by helicopter to Limerick Hospital.