Iraqi army says Mosul could fall "within days"

Fleeing families are emerging from the city daily

Iraqi army says Mosul could fall "within days"

The Al-Hamdaniya area of Mosul | Image via @ShonaMurrayNT on Twitter

In Iraq, the army is continuing the last advances against Isis in Mosul.

It is estimated several thousand civilians are being held as human shields by the Islamist terror group as the US-backed Iraqi army closes in.

The battle for the centre of Mosul is turning into the deadliest of the eight-month US-supported campaign to take back Iraq's second largest city, which fell to ISIS militants in June 2014.

The death toll among civilians and Iraqi soldiers is in to the thousands, as fewer than 300 Isis militants remain behind enemy lines.

A steady trickle of fleeing families emerges daily - with some with injured and malnourished children.

Fatima is a young woman from the old city who escaped today: "It's a very miserable condition, we didn't have any kind of water.

"Even the well water was running out", she told Newstalk's foreign affairs correspondent Shona Murray.

Commander Mohammad Tariq Ali, from the 16th Division at the Frontline, says the city will likely fall within days.

"The area, as I said, there's only 300 metres left.

"I would expect that in a couple of days it will be finished", he added.