Iraq declares 3 days of national mourning after deadly bomb attacks in Baghdad

More than 120 people were killed when a bomb exploded in a busy shopping area yesterday

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People light candles at the scene of a massive car bomb attack in Karada in Baghdad. Image: Hadi Mizban / AP/Press Association Images

Three days of mourning have begun in Iraq after an Islamic State suicide bomber killed more than 120 people in Baghdad.

A lorry with explosives was driven into a busy shopping area as families were out on the streets yesterday after breaking their Ramadan fast.

More than 200 people were injured, and a number of children were among those killed.

Most of the victims were inside a multi-storey shopping and amusement centre.

The bombing is the deadliest single attack in Baghdad this year.

Islamic State claimed responsibility in an online statement, saying they had deliberately targeted Shia Muslims.

A second bombing also struck eastern Baghdad in a predominantly Shia area on Sunday morning. It killed five people and wounded another 16.

The White House condemned the 'heinous' attacks, with National Security Council Spokesperson Ned Price saying: "These attacks only strengthen our resolve to support Iraqi security forces as they continue to take back territory from ISIL, just as we continue to intensify our efforts to root out ISIL's terrorist network and leaders."

The Baghdad bombings come after Iraqi forces retook Fallujah, around 65km west of Baghdad, from IS - a breakthrough in an offensive against the extremists.