"If she stays in Kerry Hospital for another two or three days, the most likely outcome is that she'll die"

George Hook received an email from a very worried listener whose sister is in an induced coma

Breda Kevane is currently in an induced coma in Kerry University Hospital awaiting a hospital bed in Cork or Limerick. Her brother Paddy Kevane told George Hook, the issue at the moment is that every hospital is over-flowing and she can't get a bed".

Breda is 18 years old and is currently awaiting treatment in a hospital where she can have a life-saving operation on her airways - which is not available in Kerry General. Her brother went on to say that, "if she stays in Kerry for another two or three days the most likely outcome is that she'll die".

While Breda's consultant in Kerry has told the family they are "doing their best", the HSE issued The Right Hook with the following statement in relation to the Kevanes' story:

"It is inappropriate for us to comment on individual cases. We would advise the individual who contacted you to speak directly with the patient’s medical team. We have contacted the two hospitals involved to get an update on the overall ICU situation but we would stress that patients are prioritised on the basis of clinical need."

You can listen back to the full interview below...