Identity Ireland sees 25% increase in membership since yesterday

The party had a boisterous launch in Dublin amid protests

Identity Ireland sees 25% increase in membership since yesterday

Peter O'Loughlin of Identity Ireland | Image: Facebook/Identity Ireland

Ireland's newest political party has seen a 25% increase in membership since its launch yesterday.

The launch of Identity Ireland was interrupted by anti-racism protesters in Dublin.

The party is seeking to curb immigration and calling for the return of the Punt, among other measures.

"Yesterday at the start of the day we had 115 members - that's gone up by around 25%," chairman of Identity Ireland Peter O'Loughlin told Newstalk Breakfast.

"We believe Ireland should be a sovereign country in charge of our own affairs, in charge of our border policies, in charge of our monetary policy, and basically running the country in the interests of Irish citizens".

"The EU has become intensely autocratic...the various policies it pursues have done a massive amount of damage to modern Europe".

On the issue of the Euro, Mr O'Loughlin said: "The currency actually needs to be broken up very badly, it's going to end in tears".

On immigration, he said "It's basically a filter take into account the economic circumstances".

"It's not the level of wealth they have, it's what people can contribute to your society".

Listen to his full interview below: