Ibrahim Halawa isn't among batch of prisoners pardoned by Egyptian president

Dublin student Ibrahim Halawa is not among a batch of prisoners pardoned by Egyptian president Al Sisi.

Halawa has been in prison since his arrest in August 2013. He recently sent a letter to his family to mark the three anniversary of his imprisonment and wrote: “Irish people, I’m sorry that for three years you have been fighting for my release.” 

“I’m sorry for the years I have missed ... I’m sorry for missing out on all the Irish gatherings.

“I’m sorry I was stolen away from the warmth of the Irish laughter. I’m sorry for a limited language expressing limitless feelings."

“But I’m fighting for what you taught me to die for. I’m fighting for others to gain democracy like back home. I’m sorry but I’m willing to stay in prison for a right you taught me to hold onto."

The department of Foreign Affairs released the following statement: "Our Embassy in Cairo has advised that Ibrahim Halawa is not among the prisoners pardoned by President Al Sisi.  We are examining the basis for the pardons and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials have been in touch with Mr. Halawa’s Irish-based lawyers today.  The Irish Government is continuing in our determined and sustained efforts to see Ibrahim returned to Ireland.”