'For the first time in a long time, he was smiling' - Sister of Ibrahim Halawa

The 20-year-old Dubliner is due to appear in court again this weekend

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Somaia Halawa at Buswells Hotel in Dublin, as she announced details of a birthday postcard campaign for Ibrahim Halawa | Image: RollingNews.ie

The sister of Ibrahim Halawa says he needs to come home.

He is due to appear in court again this weekend after having his trial postponed in Egypt more than 10 times over the past two years.

Yesterday, members of the European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for his immediate release.

Ibrahim, who was 17 when he was arrested, turned 20 last weekend. He has been held without trial in Egypt for more than two years.

He was detained for his participation in protests in central Cairo in August 2013.

Ibrahim is considered by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience, detained for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and assembly.

Somaia Halawa says her brother is an Irish citizen and he needs to come home.

"I think Ibrahim needs to be home since he's an Irish citizen" she told Newstalk Breakfast.

"They need to respect this relationship so much".

"And since...the hearing is not going ahead, not achievement has been happening since two years and four months".

"So I think it's the time for them to say to the Irish government 'Here is your citizen, and we're not going to keep him too (much) longer in this injustice'" she added.