IKEA recall 29 million dressers following the deaths of six children

The six deaths have been reported since the first incident in 1989

At least six children, all under the age of four, have been killed by a specific IKEA product since 1989.

Speaking to NBC News, the IKEA US President Lars Peterson has announced that the MALM product will no longer be on sale in their stores, as they are found to be too easy to tip over and fall, which is how the children have been killed, stating: "Please take them out of the room."

Last year, the company sent out 300,000 free kits to their customers which could be used to anchor the MALM, following the deaths of two children in just a few months.

However, a third child was killed by the product, which prompted IKEA to issue a full and total recall of the MALM and similar products, which adds up to over 29 million pieces of furniture.

In an official statement released by IKEA: “It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers’ homes. We believe that taking further action is the right thing to do.”

Peterson said that full refunds will be offered to customers, or for those who wish to keep the dressers, they will be offered the same free kit to anchor the furniture to the walls in their homes.