"I just don't understand this" - The Newspaper Review

Chris Donoghue and Ivan Yates are confused by a text trend as they take a look at the morning papers...

If you've been getting random text messages of late we might have the explanation... a new game called "text door neighbours" is doing the rounds.

Anybody taking part in the craze is taking their own phone number and changing the last digit before randomly texting that number to say: "Hi, I'm your text door neighbour".

Newstalk Breakfast's two presenters were vexed by the trend this morning, but distracted themselves by taking a look at the paper.


On the front pages: 

The Irish Independent and The Irish Times have supplements about going to college this morning. For Leaving Certificate students, the 20th of January is the first early bird closing date for applications to the CAO.

The Independent leads with:"Another talking shop - coalition's response to the flooding crisis, plans seen as effort to avoid election backlash".

The Examiner leads with: "Record low rates here to stay" on interest rates being held at current levels until 2019 and "Custom House to go on the market" about the Cork landmark.

The Irish Times has: "Deaths of 34 migrants a stark reminder of deepening crisis - seven children among dead".

And the latest assessment of weather damage: "Flood-damage bill may exceed €100m with more rain due".

Also in that paper, management at St James' Hospital faces another conflict over the new announcement that staff will be charged €500 a year to park at work.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Molly in handcuffs - pair accused of Jason Corbett murder face-to-face with victim's family in court".

The Irish Sun: "Fat Freddie mob boss took a dawn flight to Germany".

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Rats floods hell - Mum of three left devastated after homes infested by rodents following the floods".

The Irish Daily Star: "Barman fights off three armed raiders" after a gang attempted to rob a pub.

The Herald: "Mob attacks murder suspect" in Dublin.

Inside the papers: 

The Irish Independent says Malin Head weather station in Donegal last month recorded its wettest month since 1885, the wettest single day since 1955 and very high temperatures for the time of year.

Meanwhile, The Star says the weather next week will take a turn: "Temperatures set to plummet as forecasters predict that relentless rainfall will finally come to an end and a bitter cold spell and widespread snowfall could hit the country."

Presenter Chris Donoghue was deeply affected by the front page image on The Irish Times. It shows the dead body of a 7-year-old girl who had been trying to cross the Meditteranean into Europe - one of 34 on one boat who drowned yesterday.

Actress Saoirse Ronan's prospects of winning an Oscar were boosted yesterday when she picked up New York Film Critics Circle.

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