"I am not paying for that f***** wall": Former Mexican President Vicente Fox hits back at Trump

Mr Fox also questioned the legitimacy of Trump's presidency

Vicente Fox, Mexico, Donald Trump

Image: Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP/Press Association Images

Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, has hit out at Donald Trump's claims that he will follow through on his promise to build a border wall. 

The wall, which was one of the central tenets of Trump's election campaign, was the subject of a Trump tweet earlier this week when the President-elect reiterated his assertion that the "Great Wall" would be built, and that Mexico would pay for it.

In his original tweet, he said that the wall would be built and paid for, before deleting that message and clarifying in a later tweet to add that the money would be given by Mexico to the United States "later".

On Friday, Mr. Fox took to Twitter to once again claim that Mexico would not be paying for the wall despite Trump's claims. 

Dubbing it a "racist monument," Fox said that Trump should be clear with US tax payers that "they will pay for it," and not the Mexican government.

In the wake of the report from the United States intelligence community which highlighted the role of Vladimir Putin in ordering a campaign to influence the presidential election, Mr. Fox also went on to question the legitimacy of Trump's election. 

The report found that the Russian leader and his government "aspired to help" Donald Trump's chances of winning the campaign by discrediting his rival Hillary Clinton, which Fox described as "devastating," asking "are you a legitimate president?".

This is not the first time that Fox and Trump have clashed over the wall, after the pair traded insults back in February.

Speaking on US television network Fusion, Mr Fox took aim at the pledge to build a wall along the US border, saying: "I am not going to pay for that f****** wall, he should pay for it. He's got the money".

Mr Fox went on to call Mr Trump "crazy" and "egocentric" during his interview with presenter Jorge Ramos.

In response, Trump turned to his Twitter account to slam the language used, which Mr Fox repeated in Friday's attack on the President-elect.

"He must apologize!" Trump tweeted. "If I did that there would be a uproar!".