Hygiene report finds Rotunda Hospital theatre does not meet best practice guidelines

HIQA carried out unannounced inspections on two Dublin hospitals

Hygiene report finds Rotunda Hospital theatre does not meet best practice guidelines

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A new report into hygiene at the Rotunda Hospital Dublin has found an operating theatre in its delivery suite does not meet international best practice guidelines.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) carried out an unannounced inspection there on August 9th.

It found that overall, patient equipment and the environment in the delivery suite were found to be generally clean with a few exceptions - and there was evidence of good local ownership and teamwork in relation to hygiene.

However the infrastructure and design of the operating theatre "does not meet international best practice guidelines for operating theatre infrastructure and presents challenges for effective cleaning", HIQA says.

But it adds that the hospital had improved the uptake of hand hygiene training among staff.

Surveillance was performed in the hospital to monitor the incidence of wound infection following a Caesarean section. "This represents good practice and demonstrates a commitment to monitoring the quality of patient care", it found.

"High-risk findings"

While during an unannounced inspection at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in July, HIQA identified high-risk findings in poor environmental and patient equipment hygiene.

"The structure and design of the oldest parts of the hospital did not facilitate compliance with the National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections.

"The wards inspected did not meet the desirable specifications of a modern children’s hospital as the infrastructure was outdated. A re-inspection was required to follow up on these immediate high-risk findings", it said.

Inspectors found significant improvements in relation to hygiene during a re-inspection in September.

"Cleaning processes had been systematically revised and the hospital was trying to address findings identified within the constraints of the hospital infrastructure.

"It was apparent that the hospital management team and staff had worked together to address the findings of the previous inspection", HIQA added.

The hospital achieved a hand hygiene compliance score in May-June which exceeded the Health Service Executive (HSE) national compliance target of 90%, which HIQA said is "commendable."