Howlin and Greens hold talks about 'Coalition of the Left'

But the new Labour leader is also open to doing business with Fianna Fail

brendan howlin, the greens, the social democrats

Howlin and Greens hold talks about 'Coalition of the Left'

New Labour leader, Brendan Howlin, has had talks with the Green Party about the possibility of forming 'a close coalition of the left' in the Dail.

Howlin has said that his party would also be open to having discussions with anyone sharing their views and hasn't ruled out an alliance with the Social Democrats or Fianna Fail.

"Certainly the Social Democrats are in that space. Certainly the Greens, in many issues, are in that place. If you listen to Michal Martin on Wednesdays and Thursdays, he's in that space. If there is a Social Democratic position paper being advanced by Labour, we will talk to, we will encourage and we will embrace anybody who is an ally of ours in advancing that agenda"
Mr Howlin was speaking after meeting party members for the first time since he was appointed as Joan Burton's successor. Sitting and former Labour Party representatives met in Dublin today to discuss the party's future following the general election result.

He says he believes the current government will fall within 12 months and that his party were working under that illusion.  "We have to have a Government that is agile enough, that has the trust of the people and the parliament to respond to a crisis. We don’t have that now. I think we will have another general election in the next 12 months, that would be my view. We have to prepare for that."