How much do gardaí actually earn?

Members of the force are set to withdraw services on four days next month...

How much do gardaí actually earn?


With the Garda Representative Association (GRA) set to withdraw services on four dates next month media focus has centered on the financial struggles that many young recruits face.

Gardaí enter the force on a salary of €23,750 on an incremental pay scale which rises to €42,138 per annum after 8 years.

Between years 12 and 13 garda income is bumped up from €42,138 to €43,857. After 19 years of service gardaí reach the top bracket of €45,793.

Literature from the force notes that "other allowances may also be payable, as may overtime."

Staff are also entitled to 34 days of annual leave per year.

The above table from the Garda Representative Association shows Garda pay levels after pay-cuts introduced in the 2010 Budget.

While this table from the Department of Justice shows pay increasing before cuts set in.

The GRA has voted for industrial action - up to and including a unilateral withdrawal of services - on November 4th, 11th, 18th and the 25th. 95% of GRA members have indicated they were willing to take part in industrial action.

The GRA said: "We have exhausted every channel of industrial relations open to us. Government has taken advantage of our limited rights. Our members feel that we have nowhere left to turn."

It follows the association's rejection of a proposal on pay from the Department of Justice.

The agreement would have seen the return of pay increments, as well as the return of a €4,000 rent allowance to be paid to new recruits - this payment was cut in 2012.