How can we create meaning in our lives?

A look at sociologist Paul Froese's investigation into the meaning of life

How can we create meaning in our lives?

"Hamlet and Horatio" by Eugène Delacroix, 1839

The search for the meaning of life is a fundamental part of human existence. Throughout history varying strands of philosophy, art, and religion have tried to uncover why we live, love, and suffer. Though many thinkers have tried to dismiss the idea of there being any higher meaning to life, the eternal search for a meaning in life will continue for as long as man can think.

Sociologist Paul Froese is among the latest thinkers to wade into this historic debate with his book, On Purpose. In this Paul explores the idea that mankind gives itself purpose through various religious and social machinations. Approaching it from a sociological point of view Paul attempts to track how the meaning of life and mankind's purpose is shaped by changing social trends and currents.

Join Talking Books' host Susan Cahill as she talks with Paul about how we create the meaning of life.

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