"History will ask 'what did the media do to ensure Donald Trump was the Republican nominee'"

Susan Davis, chairperson of Susan Davis International, and Republican supporter, is voting for Hillary Clinton.

'The election of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States will be historic.'

Susan Davis of Susan Davis International joined George Hook on High Noon to tell him why she's voting for Hillary Clinton for US President, despite being a Republican.

'I can more about my country than I do about being a Republican.  If the GOP had chosen another candidate, then maybe it would be different.'

Davis is has always voted for the GOP candidate, but she said she just cannot endorse Donald Trump.  The fact that Hillary is a woman is a bonus, and Davis told George that if she wins, it will be genuinely historic.

'It will be the last glass ceiling for women to break.  A woman will be the most powerful woman in the world, and that is a good thing.'

She denied that it's all about gender, and told George that if the Republicans hadn't chosen Trump, then she may well not be voting the way she will.

Listen to the full interview below.