Hillary Clinton will be elected "barring some astonishment", says The New Yorker

It claims the US Supreme Court may be the most important reason to vote

Hillary Clinton will be elected "barring some astonishment", says The New Yorker

Illustration: Tom Bachtell

A US publication says Hillary Clinton will be elected president on November 8th "barring some astonishment".

The New Yorker magazine has endorsed Mrs Clinton for the White House over her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

"The election of Hillary Clinton is an event that we will welcome for its immense historical importance, and greet with indescribable relief," it says.

"It will be especially gratifying to have a woman as commander-in-chief after such a sickeningly sexist and racist campaign, one that exposed so starkly how far our society has to go.

"The vileness of her opponent’s rhetoric and his record has been so widely aired that we can only hope she will be able to use her office and her impressive resolve to battle prejudice wherever it may be found."

On Mr Trump, the magazine claims: "He is manifestly unqualified and unfit for office. Trained in the arts of real-estate promotion and reality television, he exhibits scant interest in or familiarity with policy.

"He favors conspiracy theory and fantasy, deriving his knowledge from the darker recesses of the Internet and 'the shows.'

"He has never held office or otherwise served his country, never acceded to the authority of competing visions and democratic resolutions."

Illustration: Tom Bachtell

It also goes on to praise Mrs Clinton's plans if elected, while criticising Mr Trump's.

It concludes: "The most important reason to vote for Clinton may be the matter of the Supreme Court. For two generations, conservative Justices have dominated the Court, and they have imposed their will on several critical areas of the law.

"Thanks to Citizens United and related cases, the law on campaign finance is in shambles, and wealthy donors now reign over the political process.

"In 2013, a five-to-four majority gutted the Voting Rights Act, perhaps the most important civil-rights law in American history, and Republican state legislators have taken advantage of this shameful moment in the Court’s history to limit the franchise of those who might vote against them—that is, minorities and Democrats.

"Clinton has a chance to lock in these gains, reverse some of the losses, and even augur a new, and very different, era on the Court."

This is not the first time The New Yorker has criticised Mr Trump.

Earlier this month, it featured a cover depicting him walking down a runway in a swimsuit, holding a tiara on his head with one hand and flowers in the other.

He was also drawn crying, with mascara running down his cheeks.