More couples are getting married but fewer babies are being born

New CSO stats show that marriage rates are at their highest levels since 2008

More couples are getting married but fewer babies are being born

File photo: Michael Walter/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Last year saw the highest number of marriages in Ireland since 2008.

New data from the Central Statistics Office shows that there were 22,116 marriages in 2015, with Roman Catholic and civil marriages making up 56% and 28% of all marriages respectively.

There were 376 civil partnership ceremonies in 2015, 250 between males and 126 between females. In addition, just over 90 same-sex weddings were registered in Ireland last year.

The average age that men and women are getting married at has also risen to its highest recorded to date, with men getting married aged 35 on average and women aged 33.

The CSO registered just under 66,00 births in 2015, 1,553 fewer births compared with 2014 and 9,265 fewer births compared to 2010.

Ireland's population has increased by 3.6% with Leinster showing the biggest increase and Ulster the lowest.

The figures were released as part of the Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2016, which presents a statistical picture of Ireland compiled from the data published by the CSO for the most recent year.