Here's the number one reason why Irish people quit their jobs

Considering a move?

According to a new study, 81% of Irish workers cite excess stress as the main reason that would convince them to quit their jobs

This was followed by a poor working atmosphere with an abundance of negative work colleagues which would inspire 73% of employees to start looking for a new position.

59% would walk if they felt that the values of the company they worked for were against their personal beliefs.

A further 56% would go if they thought their job wasn't challenging enough and 19% said a lack of a 'social scene' in the office would have them looking for an out.

Here's what workers are looking for when searching for a new job:

  • Good salary (89%)
  • Location of workplace (67%)
  • Opportunity for advancement (54%)
  • Positive job atmosphere (52%)
  • Job role specifics (49%)

According to iReach's survey of 1,000 Irish adults, 67% are happy, 19% are neither happy or unhappy, and 14% are unhappy in their current roles.

Women (74%) are more likely to be happy with their current job than men (61%).