5 steps to prevent Facebook sharing your info with companies

It's time to lock your profile down...

We're spending more and more time online, and with this comes the request from companies for more of our data. Many of us take precautions when it comes to uploading personal information online, but did you know that Facebook shares your information with certain apps? 

Here's how to take control of what applications can access your Facebook data. 

Step 1: Go to your Settings

Step 2: Click on 'Apps' to the left of the page

This will bring up a list of apps that can access your profile. It's possible to click through and see what information these apps can view and use. 

Step 4: Either alter the settings or revoke permission for it to use your information. 

This is the bit that freaked me out slightly. Clicking "edit" here can show you what bits of your information can be accessed and used by applications used by your friends. 

Step 5: Untick the boxes below if you wish for your information to be inaccessible by the apps your friends use on Facebook.