Brexit: Here's how to keep up to date with Newstalk online and on air

We will have all of the latest coverage and analysis across polling day and results

It's decision time for Britain and Newstalk is bringing you all the latest updates and analysis as the results unfold.

Voting for the EU Referendum continues until 10pm tonight with counting beginning once the polls close. First results are expected at midnight, but the final result won't be announced until 7am tomorrow morning.

Here's how you can follow the coverage on-air and online.


For the latest stories and updates keep checking in with

The Digital News team will feature coverage across social media, with news and analysis on Facebook and live updates of results through the night on our Twitter @NewstalkFM.

You can also follow our reporters @ShonaMurrayNT and @newschambers as they monitor events as they unfold today and tomorrow morning in the UK.


Our special Brexit Results Programme kicks off tonight at 10pm until midnight, presented by Kerian Cuddihy.

Coverage continues through the night when we join LBC radio, London with presenters Ian Dale and Nick Ferrari.

Newstalk Breakfast begins at 6.30am tomorrow morning with reporting, analysis and real-time updates as the final results come in.