Here are the top 20 companies to work for in 2017, according to LinkedIn

Each of the top five firms have Irish offices...

LinkedIn has been digging into its masses of data to identify the companies its users want to work for.

It used metrics including the level of searches for a company's job postings, interest in a firm's brands and its employees, and retention rates to compile this index.

The list is based on information from US users, but many of the names at the top of the table have Irish operations.

1. Alphabet

Google's parent company sits at the top of the pile, it's built up a reputation for having a positive working culture, lots of perks, and competitive salaries.

The report also highlights the variety of roles which the company offers, it says that "the opportunity and resources employees are given to tackle massive problems, stretching from creating self-driving cars to impeding extremism," attracts workers.

Google currently employs more than 6,000 people in Ireland. The internet giant has previously spent €99m and €100m on its current office blocks at Dublin's Grand Canal Dock.

The company is believed to be bringing 400 new jobs to the capital if it can find the right office space.

2. Amazon

Amazon came to prominence as an e-commerce platform but there's a lot (lot) more to the company than that.

This year its film studio bagged an Oscar, it's fleet of delivery drones is taking flight, and its cloud business is among the market leaders in the booming data industry.

It announced plans last summer to bring 500 new jobs to Dublin over two years, and it also has an operation in Cork.

3. Facebook

Closing in on an incredible 2 billion active users (the latest count is 1.9 billion), business is booming for Mark Zuckerburg's social network.

According to LinedIn its software engineering, infrastructure, machine learning, data analytics and marketing roles are particularly sought after.

Facebook is set to significantly expand its Irish presence and has secured additional office space in the capital.

It can fit up to 2,000 workers in its current Dublin HQ and is due to add space for 800 more in a new office in the north docklands.

4. Salesforce 

The firm drafted in Buddhist monks to act as consultants when it built its San Francisco HQ.

The software solutions and cloud computing firm also carries out rolling audits to ensure that there is no discrepancy in pay due to gender, race or ethnicity across its workforce.

It's Dublin office currently has a number of vacancies.

5. Uber

Uber's relationship with the self-employed drivers who use its service has sparked controversy across Europe, but jobs in its offices are in high demand.

"Unique job appliers nearly doubled in February from a year earlier," according to LinkedIn.

The company employs some 400 workers in Limerick.

Here's the rest of the top 20 - with the companies with Irish offices (or plans to open an Irish office) in bold:

6. Tesla

7. Apple

8. Time Warner

9. Walt Disney

10. Comcast NBC Universal

11. Airbnb

12. Netflix

13. McKinsey & Co

14. Dell

15. Workday

16. Under Armour 

17. Twitter

18. CBRE

19. Visa

20. JPMorgan Chase & Co