Here are Ireland's five favourite foreign holiday destinations

There has been a big increase in the amount of people planning trips abroad...

There's been a massive increase in the number of Irish people planning a summer getaway this year.

Almost 85% plan to go abroad this year, that is up from 75% in 2016 according to a new study from the AA.

Spain remains the go-to destination for Irish holidaymakers, it's the first choice of almost one in five Irish people.

The full top five is:

Spain (18.3%)

US (6.44%)

Portugal (5.69%)

France (5.62%)

Italy (4.36%).

8% are planning to have no holiday, that's down from 11.6% last year.

"Back in 2012 over 4 in 10 of our customers were planning a domestic holiday over a foreign break to help keep costs down. These latest findings seem to indicate that, for most of us, our economic situation has improved in the last year," AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan commented.

"While many of those planning a trip abroad are doing so in pursuit of better weather, the continued increase in the number of people opting to holiday outside of Ireland certainly indicates that people are feeling more secure in their employment and their financial situation," he continued.

Over 15% will stay in Ireland for their main summer getaway - with 11.25% of those aged between 25 and 35 staying on the island, and just 5% of those under 25 are planning a 'staycation.'