Here are 2017's most boring jobs

Are you excited when you clock-in?

New research has found the world's most boring jobs in 2017.

According to employment specialists Emolument - no one is more bored than those working in legal jobs.

More than 8 out of ten legal workers admitted that their work doesn't get them excited.

This is blamed on the amount of time that employees spend bogged down in case research.

While staff developing R&D projects are the most stimulated, as "inquisitiveness and constant improvement and iterations" creates a "positive dynamic which helps employees remain alert and motivated."

Interestingly, according to the data bosses are just as bored as entry-level workers, with all grades hovering between a 64 and 66% rating.

Ireland sits mid-table in the country-by-country breakdown.

The report notes that high salaries keep workers in UAE motivated, despite their boredom.

While in Italy, "Due to the relative instability and uncertainty in the Italian economy since the 2008 crisis, many locals are often content with just having a job and lack the confidence to quit," even if they don't enjoy their jobs.

1,300 professionals took part in this research.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & COO at said, "Boredom at work is a key issue for firms trying to keep millennials engaged, especially in traditional industries such as accounting and legal jobs which can be perceived as dull while employers attempt to give young employees the satisfaction of making an impact in their work life in order to prevent them from moving on too swiftly.

"Without an inspirational leadership figure, or an exciting professional challenge to motivate younger team members, boredom will quickly settle in."