Hassan Rouhani re-elected as Iranian president

A total of 23.5 million voted for Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani re-elected as Iranian president

Iranian President and presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani waves to supporters | Image: PA images

Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as the Iranian president.

He won a resounding victory on Saturday against his opponent Ebrahim Raisi. 

He was declared the victor after securing 57% of the vote while hardliner Ebrahim Raisi got 38% of the vote.

It's believed that over 40 million people placed their vote, which equates to about 73% of the population. 

Election organisers were even forced to extend polling by several hours on Friday, as they struggled to adapt to a population explosion that's added 20 million names to the voting rolls in the past two decades.

Farid Dehdilani who worked on Rouhani's campaign said that "Already last night we had the feeling we were heading for a landslide, and it came true.

"Our people reaffirmed their confidence in President Rouhani and their support for engagement with the world."

Iran's efforts to open up to the world may face a stark challenge from US President Donald Trump, as he threatened to tear up their nuclear deal and is currently visiting Iran's regional rival Saudi Arabia.