Hard drive containing unfinished Terry Pratchett novels 'destroyed by steamroller'

The late author passed away in 2015, after years spent battling Alzheimer's disease

Hard drive containing unfinished Terry Pratchett novels 'destroyed by steamroller'

Terry Pratchett. Picture by: Lewis Whyld/PA Archive/PA Images

A hard drive containing unfinished works by Terry Pratchett has been destroyed by a steamroller, as per the late author's wishes.

The prolific writer - best known for his long-running satirical fantasy series Discworld - died in 2015, aged 66.

Pratchett had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease in 2007, but continued writing until shortly before his death. 

Two of Pratchett's novels - including the 41st Discworld novel, The Shepherd’s Crown - have been published posthumously.

However, it now appears certain that no further novels will be published, with BBC reporting that a hard drive believed to have contained around 10 unfinished works was destroyed at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in southern England.

Mr Pratchett's assistant announced on Friday that he was 'fulfilling his obligation' to the cult author - before posting an image of a crushed hard drive:

Writer Neil Gaiman - who co-authored Good Omens with Pratchett - had earlier revealed his friend's wish for any incomplete books, telling The Times shortly after Pratchett's death: "[He wanted] whatever he was working on at the time of his death to be taken out along with his computers, to be put in the middle of a road and for a steamroller to steamroll over them all". 

The destruction of the drive came ahead of a new exhibition about the Discworld author, which is due to open at the Salisbury Museum in England next month - with the freshly crushed storage device set to be one of the exhibits.

The museum's curator Richard Henry told BBC: "It's really nice that they have followed his requests so specifically. It's surprisingly difficult to find somebody to run over a hard drive with a steamroller."