Gusts of up to 40mph fanning major wildfire in Canada

The blaze is expected to be one of the wors ever natural disasters in the country

Gusts of up to 40mph fanning major wildfire in Canada

Jason Franson/The Canadian Press / AP/Press Association Images

Winds reaching speeds of up to 40mph are fanning a major blaze in Canada which could last for months if windfall does not arrive soon. 

The wildfire, which has already forced the evacuation of 88,000 people from the city of Fort McMurray, doubled in size yesterday to almost 500,000 acres. It is expected to become the costliest ever natural disasters in Canada. 

The blaze is now threatening the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan, though it is not expected to reach the border by the end of the day. Despite the lack of rainfall, there was a chance of rain and cooler temperatures later in the day.

The Safety Minister has warned that the situation is 'unpredictable and dangerous' and said that 'this remains a big, out of control, dangerous fire.'

The fire has already caused devastation in some neighbourhoods, with many families leaving pets and other important belongings, as they fled their homes.