Michael O'Leary: Greece elected a "bunch of lunatics"

The Ryanair CEO was in studio with George to mark the airline's 30th birthday

The Right Hook received a visit from one of Ireland's most controversial characters today - Ryanair's Michael O'Leary. 

The CEO was in his usual flying form despite his right arm being bound to a sling, and was in studio to mark the 30th anniversary of the airline.

Not letting the injury prevent him from making a grand gesture, O'Leary said Ryanair may operate their Greek flights for free for two weeks as talks continue on trying to secure a financial deal for the country.

Asked for his opinion of the Greek government, he said the Greek people had "elected a bunch of lunatics" and that the "result of the Greek referendum is a tragedy."

He said it is "easy for left wing columnists to say 'write off the debt'" but that "ultimately [Greece's government] will have to bend the knee - and they should".

Offering some proposals to mend the country's austerity-pummeled economy, he said "more Greeks need to pay tax, we need to close the black market and less Greeks need to live off pensions."

"If you are of a working age, go out and work. You can't be retiring, sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and expecting the Germans and the Irish to pay for you."

A new attendee to the Bilderberg Conference, O'Leary dismissed any suggestion that he was part of some shadowy global conspiracy.

"I can't even conspire to run Aer Lingus, never mind run the world,"he said glibly.

The conference - a gathering of political leaders, academics and captains of industry - has long been the subject of conspiracy theories including everything from lizard overlords to child sacrifice. 

Snie its establishment in 1985, Ryanair has grown from one route to 31 routes across Europe and Africa with over 1,600 daily flights.

To mark its 30th anniversary, the airline are offering one million seats for sale at €19.85.

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