Google might have released its last Nexus devices

The tech giant in planning a major launch...

Google might have released its last Nexus devices

Andrew Matthews / PA

Tech journalists have been invited to an event in San Francisco on October 4, where Google is expected to drop its current Nexus brand name and launch two new premium smartphone models, under a new brand name - Pixel.

Ahead of the major 'Apple-style' launch, Google published a teaser video indicating that a new phone is on the way.

A number of dedicated Google sites, including Android Police and Android Central, say that the company will no longer use the Nexus name and that the Nexus logo will be replaced with Google's 'G' logo - and they will be called the Pixel X and the Pixel XL.

Google has already launched a Pixel branded Chromebook and tablet.

CEO Sundar Pichai has said that Google will be "more opinionated about the design of the phones" as the company's phones are under pressure to evolve to keep pace with competitors. 

At the October launch, Google is expected to unveil other products such as a new virtual reality headset and it’s much anticipated , voice-controlled, AI home speaker that will connect to devices around the home and control them.