Galway man sues stepmother for share of €3.3m Lotto win

David Walsh denies he signed the winning ticket days after the draw

Galway man sues stepmother for share of €3.3m Lotto win

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A 52-year-old Galway man has strongly denied an allegation that he only signed the back of a winning Lotto ticket three days after the draw.

David Walsh, who is from Knocknagreena in Ballinasloe, is suing his stepmother Mary Walsh for a share in the €3.3m win.

Mr Walsh claims he is entitled to over €500,000 as one of six people who signed the back of the ticket in January 2011.

The court heard yesterday that the National Lottery rules say anyone who signs the back of the ticket is a joint owner of it and has a stake in the prize.

His stepmother Mary Walsh was nominated to collect the winnings.

Under cross examination today, it was put to him that he did not sign the ticket until the Wednesday after the draw.

But he said he was 100% sure he signed it on the Sunday in front of his father and stepmother.

His father died in December 2011 and he denied that he was disappointed that nothing was left to him in his will.

He also denied that he accepted an old house of his father's, instead of a €200,000 share of the winnings.

His stepmother is due to give her side when the case resumes later this month.