Twitter and Google agree there was one most talked about party leader last night

There were over 57,000 tweets sent about the final leaders' debate

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Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams arriving at RTE studios for the Prime Time debate in Dublin | Image:

There was one clear winner on social media during last night's final leaders' debate before polling day.

Both Google and Twitter say Gerry Adams was the most talked about party leader.

Twitter says Adams beat Labour's Joan Burton and Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the post, which is a first for the most followed GE16 candidate on Twitter - as Mr Kenny was the most talked about in the Newstalk debate and Joan Burton in the first RTÉ debate.

Source: Twitter

With regard to the most talked about parties, Twitter says Fine Gael have beat the other parties, meaning they have been the most talked about party throughout the three debates.

While the Green Party again featured in the most talked about parties - having not been at any of the three debates.

Source: Twitter

There were over 57,000 tweets sent during the debate last night, making it the second most tweeted about leaders' debate of the campaign.

While search engine Google says almost one-third of all candidate searches (31%) were for Gerry Adams, followed by Joan Burton (30%), Micheál Martin (20%) and Enda Kenny (19%).

Source: Google

And the search engine has released the most asked questions in the final debate:

Top questions on Gerry Adams related to the leaders' debate
1. What did Gerry Adams say about Micheál Martin on Prime Time?
2. What operation did Gerry Adams have in the USA?
3. What badge is Gerry Adams wearing on Prime Time?
4. Why did Gerry Adams get treatment in the states?
5. Is Gerry Adams sick?

Top 10 questions on the Irish General Election 2016
1. Who should teachers vote for?
2. When will the results of the Irish General Election be announced?
3. What is Sinn Fein's new tax rate for those earning over 100,000?
4. How do I vote in the Irish General Election?
5. Who is standing for election in Dublin West?
6. Who is going to win the 2016 Irish General Election?
7. How many seats do Labour have?
8. Who to vote for in the Irish General Election?
9. How does the Irish election work?
10. What is a hung Dáil?

Top questions on the RTE debate
1. Who is winning the RTE debate?
2. What is the creaking noise on the RTE debate?
3. How do I make a comment to RTE One about the election debate?
4. Who came out better tonight on the RTE debate?
5. How do I email the RTE debate?

Most searched political issues
1. Jobs
2. Tax
3. Mental Health
4. Crime
5. Education

While this visualisation shows Google searches for the four main party leaders, between January 1st up until February 21st: