From 'yes we can' to 'maybe': What’s the real takeaway from the US Presidential campaign?

The 2016 race to the White House differs greatly to those of 2008 and 2012

The positivity that floated around the Obama Campaigns of 2008 and 2012 engaged people of all generations into the political race. The message of "Yes we can" resonated with so many from all different walks of life and it was something to cling on to. 

Of course, the Presidency has not been flawless and he will not leave the White House unscathed - but he told us "Yes we can" and so he did. 

This presidential election has been a long time coming. The race has been so heavily covered, stretching back to before it was even a race. The controversy, the social media and the smack talk has been incredible. 

Some of the key words that spring to mind as soon as I think of this election are: "controversy, sexism, emails, hacking, stupidity and wall". 

Nothing too inspiring there. 


This is the closest we've ever come to seeing a woman in the White House. Hilary Clinton is by no means a perfect human, but show me someone who is. Also, what should really matter is how she will run the country, should she be elected. Clinton's slogan of "I'm with her" is pitted against Trump's "Make America great again".

The excitement over potentially having a female President in the White House, after the first black President, is being overshadowed by mud slinging and tabloid wars. Coverage of campaign events or Presidential debates is headlined with who slagged whom and how. 

The man telling voters he will make America great again made headlines around the world this weekend after a recording of him making derogatory comments against women was leaked. 

Candidates are appearing on late night talk shows in an attempt to show their cuddly sides as official events turn into dog fights and issues get lost in the crossfire. 

Republicans such as John McCain are abandoning their candidate. McCain stated he and his wife will be writing the name of a candidate they feel would make for a good president on their ballot paper.

These will be spoiled votes. "The land of the free and the home of the brave" is descending into political anarchy. The Republican party nominated a reality TV star who is causing controversy and headlines not befitting of a President. 

It's hard to imagine how America will look this time next year and I wonder how this election will be remembered. Where does either party go from here? 

Can we move forward to a better tomorrow?

We've gone from "Yes we can" to "Maybe?"

Only time will tell.