From Aileen to Winifred - Met Éireann announces 2017/18 storm names

While 21 names are chosen every year, only five were used in the last storm season

From Aileen to Winifred - Met Éireann announces 2017/18 storm names

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Met Éireann has announced the storm names for the upcoming storm season. 

The 2017/18 season names apply to both Ireland and the UK, and are chosen in co-operation with the British Met Office.

The first storm of the season will be named 'Aileen', after last year's was called 'Angus'. The gender of the first storm alternates every year.

As a result of international naming conventions, the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not used - meaning Winifred is the last name on this year's list.

A wind storm is given a name when it is forecast to potentially have a 'significant land-based impact', as well as status orange or red 'wind events'.

Powerful 'rain and snow events' can also be given names.

Gerald Fleming, Head of Forecasting at Met Éireann, said that it was a quiet winter last year weather-wise, and only five names were used as a result.

He explained: "While it is too early to say whether the coming winter will be a stormy one or a quiet one we are prepared with a whole new set of 21 names for whatever nature may throw at us.

"As before Met Éireann forecasters will work in close co-operation with our colleagues from the UK Met Office to keep all the peoples of these islands warned of impending severe weather."

You can see the full list of names below: