Fresh earthquake measuring 4.7 hits central Italian town of Amatrice

The Italian PM has declared a state of emergency in the worst-hit areas

Fresh earthquake measuring 4.7 hits central Italian town of Amatrice

Image: Facebook/Corpo forestale dello Stato

Another earthquake has hit central Italy just days after a massive tremor of 6.2 left at least 267 people dead and 400 injured.

The USGS says the new quake measured 4.7 and struck 5kms north west of Amatrice - one of the worst hit areas.

Italy's Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Matteo Renzi authorised an initial €50m in crisis funding to start the rebuilding process and offered to cancel taxes for those affected.

He also called for a national collective effort - dubbed 'Italian Homes' - to build dwellings for the future that will be safe in the event of other quakes.

It follows the 6.2 magnitude tremor on Wednesday which devastated parts of Lazio, Umbria and Le Marche.

Nick Squires is Rome correspondent with The Telegraph, and is in the central region.

He updated Newstalk Breakfast earlier.

The fact that the devastation comes just seven years after more than 300 died in the nearby town of L'Aquila has prompted concerns not enough is being done to protect people's property and lives.

Mr Renzi said: "Just as the pain we feel today is strong, so, too, is the pride that belongs to a nation that is able to react in this way to a state of emergency."

"But that is not enough and we must think beyond the state of emergency, that there is a need for a bigger plan, and we will do that together."

A bathrobe hangs from a wall of a collapsed house in Villa San Lorenzo a Flaviano, near Amatrice, central Italy | Image: Alessandra Tarantino / AP/Press Association Images

Dozens of people are still believed to be trapped in Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto, three of the worst-hit towns.

The Local news website said Amatrice normally has a population of around 2,500 but was packed with visitors when the quake struck.

Scores of aftershocks have been felt in the area where rescue work is under way.

Local bishop Domenico Pompili says survivors are expressing emotional pain and suffering.

Although a few people are still being pulled out from rubble alive, a volunteer in Amatrice said 90% of those they find are dead.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is not aware of any Irish citizens caught up in the disaster.