Free range egg producers deserve state support, says MEP

It was a government requirement that all free-range poultry be kept indoors, while the Avian Flu outbreak persisted

Free range egg producers deserve state support, says MEP

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Free-range egg producers who face substantial monetary losses, due to restrictions placed on them in relation to Avian Flu must be compensated by the State.

That's according to Independent MEP Marian Harkin when she referred to the precedent set some years ago when poultry producers were compensated for economic losses which arose from a previous outbreak of Avian Flu. 

“Free-range egg production is an important niche activity in our agriculture sector and the producers involved deserve the support of the State at a time when they are required to accept a measure which is very damaging to the premium price their product commands in the marketplace”  Independent MEP Marian Harkin concluded.

Irish egg producers will not be allowed to call their produce 'free range' this next week onwards - as precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Bird Flu mean that chickens must be kept indoors.

The birds have been kept in isolation since the discovery of cases of the disease in December.

Under EU regulations eggs can only be marketed as free range if the birds are allowed outdoors every day - this is not possible under these restrictions