Five stories you might have missed from the weekend

Catalan referendum violence; man's body found on the Aran Islands; Rescue 116 items recovered

Hundreds injured in referendum clashes

Catalan officials now say 844 people were injured after police used rubber bullets and batons to stop a ballot for independence.

A banned referendum took place throughout the region today with violent clashes between police and voters.

The Catalan government claims the use of batons amounted to "unjustifiable violence" - which created a "terrible image of Spain".

Man's body found on the Aran Islands

The body of a middle-aged man has washed up on the Aran Islands off the Galway coast.

The remains were discovered at around 8:30pm on Friday evening on Inis Meáin.

His body has been taken to University Hospital Galway.

Irish mountain rescue volunteer dies on training exercise in Wales

An Irish mountain rescue volunteer has died during a training exercise in Wales.

Tributes are being paid to 43 year old Kevin Hallahan, a married father who lost his life in Snowdonia yesterday morning.

The Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team has issued a statement online saying it's members are deeply shocked, following the tragic loss of a dear friend and teammate.

Helmet and lifejacket thought to belong to rescue 116 crew found

A helmet and lifejacket believed to belong to one of the crew of Resuce 116 has washed up on a Mayo beach.

A member of the public made the discovery near Clogher yesterday morning.

The bodies of crewmen Ciaran Smith and Paul Ormsby have never been found after the Coastguard helicopter crashed in March.

OJ Simpson is released from prison

OJ Simpson has been released from a prison in Las Vegas after serving nine years for armed robbery.

The former American football and Hollywood star was jailed for a botched hotel-room heist of sports memorabilia.

The 70 year-old was acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles in 1995.