Fine Gael lead Red C opinion poll for the first time in six months

The ongoing leadership challenge has impacted public perception

Fine Gael has taken an eight-point lead over Fianna Fail, in a dramatic new opinion poll.

Tomorrow’s poll in the Sunday Business Post is the first Red C poll for six months where Fine Gael has led.

Fine Gael has led Fianna Fáil in some other tracking polls, but this is only the second time since March of last year that they have led in a Red C poll.

The party lead by seven points - bigger than any time since last year’s election was called.

Where are the other parties?

Fine Gael stands on 29 points, up five since the last poll four weeks ago - while Fianna Fail is down seven points, to 21.

It’s perhaps a sign that the imminent departure of Enda Kenny, and appointment of either Leo Varadkar or Simon Coveney - and the media coverage around their race - has boosted the party’s standing with voters.

Sinn Fein has also suffered, down three points to 15 - while independent candidates are up four points, to 14.

There's been little or no change observed for smaller parties - with Labour on 6, the Social Democrats on 4, the Greens and Solidarity PBP on 3, alongside the Independent Alliance, with Renua and other parties on 1 each.