Facebook will stream US political conventions live, just like Twitter

You can see the Republicans and Democrats live on the social network of your choice

Facebook will stream US political conventions live, just like Twitter

Photo: CNET

Both Twitter and Facebook's next big feature is live video, if it isn't already, but they both looked to be heading in different directions in what content they wanted to focus on.

Twitter will have major sports coverage as their big live offering, starting off with Wimbledon and having NFL live later this year.

Facebook wanted more everyday content, letting regular users broadcast live as well as big brand names.

Now, Facebook is getting right back at Twitter by livestreaming the US political conventions at the end of this month.

Twitter will broadcast CBS's coverage, while Facebook has announced it will carry C-SPAN's coverage. C-SPAN is a public service broadcaster in the US which carries live political coverage.

Facebook will also have a media area at both the Republican and Democratic conventions called the Facebook Lounge where outlets like CNN and the New York Times will broadcast live to their own Facebook accounts.

Facebook Live has received huge news attention lately as it was the platform of choice for live broadcasts of the sit-in by Democrats in the US's House of Representatives as well it being used to broadcast the shooting of a black man by a police officer in the State last week.