Eurozone growth continues, but there are some worrying signs

German growth is stalling - and the French economy remains sluggish

Eurozone growth continues, but there are some worrying signs

Brian Lawless PA Wire/PA Images

New figures show that the eurozone's economy grew by 0.3% during the third quarter - this was slightly below the 0.4% growth rate recorded by the whole of the EU.

This was the same growth rate as the previous quarter which also saw growth rate of 0.3%.

The country--by-country breakdown shows that growth has remained subdued in the euro bloc's two largest economies - Germany and France both posted quarterly growth of 0.2%.

Germany's data represents a halving of the growth rate recorded in the previous quarter.

These figures will be taken into account when the ECB's Governing Council meets in December - and could be used to make a case that the bank needs to commit to greater stimulation measures to move towards the ECB's target 2% inflation rate.

The European Commission has raised its eurozone growth forecast for 2016 to 1.7% - that was up from 1.6%.

It also cut the 2017 forecast from 1.8% to 1.5% - and this all happened before Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election and it remains to be seen how his policies will affect trade and European growth.